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One of the Premier Long Range Benchrest events in Australia. 500m Fly shooting tests even the best shooters and equipment at a variety of S.S.A.A. ranges around Australia.

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These Rule Books are attached as resources for your use.

Rule Book for 500m fly CF and 200m Rimfire Fly
Benchrest Rule Book SSAA Main Benchrest rules

SSAA Standard Rules - Rule book for Championship Events

Rules for 300m Factory Class

Audio Files for voice commands - MP3 format

7 Minute - 7 Minute Match Command -

10 Minute - 10 Minute Warmer Command 

Right Click the file you want and select "Save Target as" to download


Featured Article

How "NOT" to point bullets !! - an Article by Michael Bell
How "NOT" to point bullets !! - an Article by Michael Bell

An Exercise in Frustration  - aka -  How NOT to Point Bullets.

Why were the shots landing all over the page.....why was the bolt slightly tight to close !!  What had I done wrong ?