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Fly Records, Improving Scores and Lifting the Bar - by Michael Bell

This article by Michael Bell is about the improving scores and new records being shot in the Long Range (500 Metre) Precision Benchrest sport of Fly Shooting in Australia.  Les Fraser and Anthony Hall smashed the existing aggregate score records in 2011 and Michael looks at how this occured and the changes that have resulted since.


Interview by Michael Bell - Subject 3 _ Ken Melgaard

Interviews by Michael Bell   


 This is the third in a series of interviews with people who are successful &  respected in their fields within the shooting sports.

 Ken Melgaard who owns and operates Copperhead Bullets has kindly agreed  to participate.

Interview by Michael Bell - Subject 2 - Stuart Elliott

Interviews by Michael Bell                                             

This is the second interview in this series and continues the theme of interviewing people who are respected and successful in the sport of Fly Shooting here in Australia.


Interview by Michael Bell - Subject 1 - Peter van Meurs

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of interviews with people who have proven to be successful in 500 Metre fly and or are respected in their fields.

The aim of these articles is to get some insight into the methods and opinions of these people so that all “fly” shooters can learn a little about what it takes to get the best from themselves and or their equipment.

The Intricacies of Scoring Benchrest Events - by Peter van Meurs

  Article Written by Peter van Meurs

Wind Reading

Wind Reading

One of the most critical aspects in long range precision shooting is being able to read the wind and other conditions that effect bullet flight. Here is a chart to help you understand bullet effect from wind. I will be attaching other information about books and other material to help shooters understand reading "conditions".

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